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Guardianship & Incapacity Planning


More precious than any estate is the care of children and incapacitated loved ones. The Toups Law Firm can offer personal counsel and an array of legal solutions to help clients protect their loved ones at a time when they are most vulnerable.

Dallas Special Needs Trust Attorney FraudA guardianship allows a client to assume the responsibility for the care of loved ones when they no longer can do so for themselves or perhaps just need a little help here and there. Being a guardian can also involve assuming responsibility for a loved one’s financial decisions and safeguarding the assets entrusted to your care.

The Toups Law Firm can help in all aspects of a guardianship, including:

  • Establishing a guardianship
  • Guardianship administration
  • Defending against a guardianship
  • Contested guardianship

When ailments and diseases such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, palsy, stroke, and dementia strike a loved one, the condition often is not the worst part. The defenselessness of the person makes them susceptible to being preyed upon by the dishonest or to harming themselves by neglect or mistake.

Although these difficult circumstances can produce much stress for the family, the Toups Law Firm can provide alternatives and options to create the least burdensome, yet effective, solution for your loved one’s particular situation.


Dallas Trust Litigation AttorneyBecoming incapacitated can occur at any age as a result of a tragic accident or unanticipated illness or condition. The Toups Law Firm can also help in planning for such an emergency–just in case.

A living will and incapacity planning can provide loved ones with legal rights and a means to handle your affairs and well-being when it is needed most–when you can’t. Such planning may also involve guidance and direction for the rearing of children that may be left permanently or temporarily without a parent or parents due to an unforeseen tragedy or event.

The Toups Law Firm can provide guidance and direction in preparing a plan so you, and those who depend on you, are safeguarded in the event of an unexpected accident or condition.

Depending on the situation, incapacity planning may involve the use of the following:

  • Medical powers of attorney
  • Directives to physicians and family or surrogates (living wills)
  • Statutory durable powers of attorney
  • Declaration of guardian in the event of incapacity of adult or need of guardianship
  • Appointment of guardian in the event of death or incapacity (for minor children)

The Toups Law Firm encourages clients to take a pro-active approach to incapacity planning since failing to do so makes a difficult situation worse.

Contact the Toups Law Firm today toll-free at 800-780-6830, from wherever you are in Texas. Call today to schedule your initial consultation with lawyer David R. Toups.