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Expert Consultation Services For Attorneys & Law Firm

Dallas Estate Planning LawyersA thorny and complex estate, trust, probate, guardianship, or financial issue has arisen in a case and you and your partners are stumped how to proceed–just relax and call the Toups Law Firm. We have helped many law firms that have experienced the exact same situation. Just let us know how we can help.

Consulting Expert Services. We can advise your law firm as a consulting expert so the opposing side never knows what hit them. It is alright, you can take the credit; we’re used to it.

Testifying Expert Services. We can also act as testifying expert witnesses if the matter involves trusts, estates, probate, investments, or financial issues.

Co-Counsel. If the matter requires a little heavier lifting, we can act as co-counsel or initiate other joint or parallel litigation in an estate, trust, or guardianship to help bring about the resolution of a matter. Sometimes knowing alternate avenues of relief provided by the probate or trust code allow the judge to rule your way and make the order near bullet-proof on appeal.

Dallas Lawyer Wills ProgramAttorney-in-Charge. How about a gracious hand-off when the case has increasingly escalated and now causes you to dread coming in to work every day? You ask yourself, why can’t these people get along? No, we probably can’t answer that question either; however, we can bring a fresh perspective and implement actions to draw the matter to a legal conclusion. Depending on the case, and if appropriate for us to do so, we can agree to come in and assume the responsibility of attorney-in-charge when you realize that the case has drifted out of your area of expertise or just isn’t fun anymore.

Appellate Counsel. If an appeal of your estate, trust, probate, or guardianship matter looms in the future, the Toups Law Firm can act as appellate counsel. The law in these areas turns on fact specific issues and is rife with jurisdictional problems that are often overlooked during the proceeding. Save yourself hours of legal research and let the Toups Law Firm draft your appellate issues regarding these matters.

Mediation. Have staunchly divided parties, a matter so complex a jury will go into instant rapid-eye-movement sleep within the first five minutes of the opening statement, and the judge grimaces when he sees the litigants? Well, it may be time for mediation. The Toups Law Firm can mediate the matter and will not just ferry offers back and forth without providing the parties something to think about in order to bring reasoned sanity back to mind so as to conclude the case.

The Toups Law Firm stands ready to serve your needs and to craft, negotiate, or litigate a solution to the thorny legal issues and problems causing you concern. Please call to discuss your legal matter–we may be able to help.

Contact the Toups Law Firm today toll-free at 800-780-6830, from wherever you are in Texas. Call today to schedule your initial consultation with lawyer David R. Toups.