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Breach of Trust & Financial Litigation

Dallas Living Trust AttorneysThe Toups Law Firm offers legal and financial guidance should a breach of trust or financial matter arise. In cases involving a relationship of trust and confidence where someone has undertaken to act for or on behalf of another, the person granted the trust and confidence and acting for the other is called a fiduciary. These relationships are varied and may arise in several situations including:

  • Officers, directors, or partners & companies, organizations, partnerships, or stockholders;
  • Agents, brokers, or factors & clients or principals;
  • Partners & partners;
  • Boards of directors & companies or organizations;
  • Majority stockholders & minority stockholders;
  • Financial or investment advisors & clients;
  • Employees & employers;
  • Receivers, trustees in bankruptcy, or assignees in insolvency & creditors;
  • Retirement plans & retirees or participants;
  • Guardians & wards;
  • Trustees & beneficiaries; and
  • Executors or administrators & beneficiaries or heirs.

A fiduciary given the trust and confidence of another may not abuse that trust and confidence, and if abused, the resulting liability and damages may be quite extensive under the law. Although held to high standards by the courts, fiduciaries do not act to guarantee the successful outcome of each venture entrusted to their care.

Dallas Attorney WillsWhen a breach of trust occurs or is alleged, the Toups Law Firm may be able to resolve the matter in the most cost effective manner due to its experience and familiarity with this area of the law. Most of the time, these cases involve complex or varied financial transactions that must be comprehended and explained to a jury in a manner the jury can understand–that is what we do. Unless knowledgeably informed of where you stand in relation to the law, the selection of a viable successful alternative to achieve your goals is quite unlikely.

The Toups Law Firm stands ready to serve your needs and to craft, negotiate, or litigate a solution to the breach of trust or financial matter causing you concern. Please call to discuss your legal matter–we may be able to help.

Contact the Toups Law Firm today toll-free at 800-780-6830, from wherever you are in Texas. Call today to schedule your initial consultation with lawyer David R. Toups.